Happy Weekend

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This week has flown by. Between meetings, lunches with friends and all of the work that goes behind running Dallas Wardrobe needless to say it has been busy but I am thankful for that busyness and would not change a thing.

This weekend was one of those where I thought we would lay low & just relax but it is turning into quite the busy weekend. This afternoon I plan on sitting by the pool for at least one hour. Side-note: I am still looking for a good/easy summer read if anyone has any recommendations. Tonight we are attending a friends reception (they had a destination wedding last month), tomorrow will be spent at the park with the puppies celebrating one of my favorite & oldest (we have been friends since we were 8) friends birthdays and then Sunday brunch will be at one of my favorite spots with a few of my favorite girls. Starting to sound like quite the girls weekend….you should know that between the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament & an actual golf tournament my husband is playing in, he will be quite pre-occupied. Don’t worry, Saturday night is ours. I hope you all have the best weekend & hopefully the weather will be as perfect wherever you are as it is supposed to be in Dallas! xx

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