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Dallas WardrobeDallas WardrobeBoots are the fall staple and can be a big investment. You are probably thinking that boots don’t have to be an investment, you can find a great deal and yes, you most definitely can…Nordstrom anniversary sale, Barney’s Warehouse + Neiman’s Last Call are the best places to find those bargain boots. As much as I love a deal every time I have had my eye on a certain style of boot it is usually super overpriced and I have just passed and gone with the less expensive version. My husband would agree and say this is not a bad thing but what then ends up happening is the boots that I end up with fall apart by the end of the season and the following fall I am right back where I started…hunting for the ‘perfect’ boot.

If I have learned anything from my grandmother and her amazing closet it is to take your time with a major purchase + save for that item (in this case boots) that you know are going to uphold year after year. Last season after trying to ‘save’ and pass on the one boot that I actually wanted, I finally caved (after purchasing 2 pairs of less expensive boots) and got a beautiful riding boot that I will always have in my closet + the only repair maybe the soles in a couple of years (Deno’s in the best if you are in Dallas). Long story short I tell everyone I know before they make any kind of purchase to add up all of the crap buys and the grand total is probably more than that one item they originally wanted.  This season when you go to make your boot purchase take your time and remember it’s quality over quantity!



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