Currently Obsessed: White Booties

White booties are something that I have had my eyes on for a couple of months now. I know they have been a thing for a minute but I really, really want to find the perfect pair to wear this fall/winter. This weekend I spent an embarrassing amount of hours searching the internet for the perfect white bootie and I am sure you can tell from the look book that I put together..there are A LOT of options. Black heel, white heel, no heel, tiny heel, tan heel, western style, 80’s style, skinny heel…you get it.

Currently I have this pair of white booties and this pair of white booties headed to me so I can try and see if one of the pairs is ‘the one’. I am thinking that if either of those don’t work out I am either going to get a dressier pair of white booties (like this one) or pull the trigger on this pair.

Regardless of what white bootie I end up going with, I cannot wait to style them all season long with my favorite pairs of jeans (currently OBSESSED with this pair right now) and cozy sweaters like this one!

Are you a fan of the white bootie????

**update: I ordered these white booties yesterday…they came in the mail today and I am obsessed! they are SO good and I cannot wait to wear them**

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