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I feel like you never actually stop decorating a home. The husband and I are coming up on our one year ‘homaversary’ and we still find ourselves staring at empty walls, searching for perfect accessories & debating on paint colors. As someone who wants to snap her fingers and all projects are complete the home decorating process has taught me the importance of being patient!

A few weeks ago we attended a family friends art show featuring the works of Brenda Bogart & her talented daughter and were blown away. You know those people who are just good at everything creative? Well, that’s Brenda. Having grown up wearing Brenda’s clothing line in the late 80’s (B’s T’s anyone?) I found myself laughing because I have really come full circle with her creative talents. When I was little I wore her designs now being an ‘adult’ I have found myself wanting my walls to wear her art. The husband and I left the show with a few of her daughters pieces (check out her site here) but have really been debating which piece of Brenda’s we want to invest in. Like I said we have quite a few walls left to fill and really thinking this piece could be fun or this one would make a statement. Still thinking about what we want our house to say about us so I will let you know when we decide!

 Make sure to take a peek at here work here or pop into Blue Print to see some of her installations. Like the walls in our house, her art maybe exactly what your walls need.

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