Black Friday Tips

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Although Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is the official shopping kick off of the holiday season it has kind of become a holiday in itself (22 states acknowledge this as an actually holiday). As you probably know Black Friday is a bit magical because the majority of retailers offer merchandise for a limited time at a great sale price. That being said, so many sales offered means so many people and so many options. See below for a few of my tips & tricks to keep in mind when getting ready for the big day! Good luck shopping!

Black Friday Tips & Tricks

  • Get Organized: Make a list, check it twice and stick to it
  • Make a Schedule: Are you going to be the one to wait in line for that TV at 7PM on Turkey Day & then head to try and get a discounted iPad at midnight? Regardless of all of your stops make a timeline and stick to it!
  • Check Store Web-Sites: Some have their ads out already some are waiting until the last minute to WOW you!
  • Plan Your Outfit: Wear comfortable shoes, clothing that is easy to change in & messenger bags are ideal (two hands are better than one)!
  • Don’t Forget to Eat: Bring a snack and some water you need to stay hydrated and focussed!
  • Bring a Buddy: Parking is usually horrible. One of you can be dropped off to jump in line while the other looks for a parking spot!
  • Bring a Book: Lines can be crazy, make sure you are not bored!
  • Be Nice: Everyone is just as stressed out as you are, I promise.
  • Make a Budget: I cannot say this enough. Stores WANT you to be impulsive and yes there will be so many good deals but as my husband always says “all good deals equal one really bad one”.

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