Best Black Friday Sales

Amy Havins shares the best black friday sales. Happy weekend and happy black Friday! I am sure you are already sick of hearing about ALL the sales but they really are too good not to at least look into!

Before I dive right into what you ‘need’ from all the black Friday sales, I wanted to share what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had yesterday. It was a smaller group this year (my family alternates every other year), so my grandmother thought it would be fun to just not worry about any of the cooking and go out! We decided on the Mansion on Turtle Creek because it is not only a family favorite, they do the most lovely Thanksgiving presentation. We really enjoyed eating all of the traditional Thanksgiving goodies as well as the intimate conversation. I have a pretty large family when we are ALL together, so it’s always fun when it’s a smaller group as you really get to ‘catch up’. After lunch we took a bit of a rest and of course watched the Cowboys game! How were all of your Thanksgivings?

Now, enough about yesterday, time to move onto one of the BIGGEST sale days of the year…Black Friday. Now it the time to get everything checked off your list, for a fraction of the price from the comfort of your home! No reason to fight the crowds when everything is available online! See below for what I think are some of the best Black Friday Sales. Happy Shopping!

Best Black Friday Sales


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