Baby Ralph Meets Santa

Baby Ralph Meets Santa Baby Ralph Meets Santa Baby Ralph Meets SantaOne thing that I most looked forward to while I was pregnant was Ralph’s first Christmas and ‘starting’ our own family traditions. Everyone says that the holidays get that much better when you have a little and so far that has been 100% right. Even though Ralph is so little and won’t remember this holiday season, I still wanted to take him to visit Santa Claus for the first time. Growing up my parents used to always take us to visit the NorthPark Santa, so I knew that is where I wanted to take Ralph. It’s so crazy to me that I sat in that same Santas lap starting at 2 years old and now my little baby is sitting in his lap!

You never know how your child is going to act when they get put in someone else’s arms, but thankfully Ralph didn’t care one bit that he had his photo with Santa. He just looked up at Santa and then stared at the camera (probably confused that our normal photographer, Yesi Fortuna, wasn’t behind the camera). After our visit with Santa (you better believe my mother, grandmother and sister were in tow), we all went to Neimans for a fun little lunch and shopping. Baby Ralph was such a trooper until he got over tired and had a melt down in the NM shoe department (fuuunnnnnn). Over all it was such a sweet day spent with family making memories and although baby Ralph won’t remember it, I know he will one day have fun looking back at these pictures!

on ralph: smocked auctions bubble // children’s salon shoes // layette dallas knee high socks 

on amy: sweater c/o // jeans

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