How To Stay In Shape Throughout your Pregnancy

Amy Havins shares how to get motivated with Tory Sport.Staying in shape throughout my pregnancy has not only been a personal goal that I set for myself from the beginning but also one of the biggest physical challenges that I have had thus far. Pregnancy is such a weird thing because you literally do not have control of your own body. Even if you are keeping up with your pre-pregnancy work out routine, it’s inevitable that the numbers on the scale are going to increase.

As someone who has never kept a scale in their house or ever been on a diet, I have kept to these ‘self made rules’ even throughout the last 28 weeks of my pregnancy. Yes, I have gained weight and to be completely honest, at first it was kind of stressful when my jeans got a bit snug or my favorite button down no longer buttoned but as the weeks have gone on, I have literally forgotten about ‘growing’ out of my clothing and instead focused on the miracle that is happening inside of my body. I have made an effort to remember that not only should you try and exercise your body throughout pregnancy but also your mind. So regardless if you have been hugging the toilet or continuing to physically work out, to me, staying in shape throughout my pregnancy does not just mean exercising the body but also the mind. On days when I am just too tired to do anything, I read a few chapters from this pregnancy book or even try and organize a closet that I have been avoiding! At the end of the day it is all about preparing for the sweet baby that is arriving at the end of this amazing journey!

Since I have been one of the lucky ones to not have gotten sick thus far in my pregnancy, I have been blessed enough to be able to keep up with somewhat of a normal fitness regimen. You can read all about it here

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