Ralph’s Birth Announcements

Amy havins shares her baby announcement for Ralph.Amy havins shares her baby announcement for Ralph.Amy havins shares her baby announcement for Ralph.Amy havins shares her baby announcement for Ralph.Last week we finally sent out Baby Ralph’s birth announcements. I would be lying if I said I did not have so much fun working on these with the talented team from Carrie and Seash the last couple of months.

Funny enough, we started working on these announcements before baby Ralph was born (I told you I was in full nesting mode) and of course they were completed post arrival. When I was thinking about what I wanted to send out for Ralph’s birth announcements I was really stuck because I did not know which direction to go in. I love receiving announcements from friends with their sweet new bundles photo but I also still remember the beautiful announcement that my aunt & uncle sent out when my triplet cousins were born (think classic announcement that said ‘boy, oh boy, oh boy’ across the top with beautiful blue and white copy listing the details below…also, I was 8 when she sent these out..clearly they stuck with me).

In order to mix things up a bit from the announcements that I frequently get, I wanted to go a bit more traditional and ‘old school’. After seeing Mackenzie’s amazing wedding invitations, I knew watercolor was the direction I wanted to go in. I have been following the mother/daughter duo, Carrie & Seash, for a while and I knew they would be the perfect  team to create Ralph’s birth announcements.

Carrie & Seash were literally a dream to work with. I told them I wanted the announcement to be traditional, have no photos (they also do announcements/invitations with photos), be blue and white (stripes, seersucker or check), and somehow incorporate the puppies. Yes, I know my list was long and specific but also allowed them to have creative freedom with some guidance of my preferences; so I was nervous when sending. When I got the first sketch back from Carrie & Seash my jaw literally dropped. It was perfect. I mean the pocket with the monogram on the backside where the majority of the copy is?? How did they even come up with that!! I am not even kidding when I saw there was barely 1 edit and that was deciding the length of the banner on the front with his name (I didn’t even make the edit–the girls want my opinion on the length).

Baby Ralph’s birth announcements are something that I will always treasure. Not just because of how beautiful they are, or how sweet my first babies (the puppy brothers) look on the front but because of the time and fun that I had working on them with the sweet girls from Carrie & Seash to make his birth announcements more special than I could ever have dreamed.

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