6 Weeks with Ralph

Amy Havins shares about 6 weeks with RalphAlthough I am not planning to do very much baby related content on THIS side of my blog (all baby content will be on DallasWardrobe.com/Baby …you can click here to see more), now that sweet baby Ralph has been in our lives for 6 weeks today, I thought it would be fun to give a little update!

From the moment we brought baby Ralph home from the hospital he has been so calm and sweet. Yes, I know what you are thinking…all newborn babies are calm but everyday that goes by, I continue to be thankful for his calm and sweet demeanor. Please know that I am knocking on wood as I say this but so far Ralph has had no problems eating (taking an average of 4.7 ounces per feeding) and is a great sleeper (baby loves his crib).

This sweet boy is clearly my child because he loves his feeding and sleeping schedule we have had him on since we got home from the hospital. (he even showed up on his actual due date…what are the odds). We were not planning on going with a schedule so early but he really just put himself on it and we have been going with it ever since! Ralph has even been having longer stretches at night the last week (between 6-8 hours), which has been so nice.

Ralph now has a bit more awake time, loves to look at lights, watch himself in the mirror and every so often we are getting little smiles from him. Sunday was a big day because he discovered his ear! The only time he ever gets a little temperamental is mid feed when I burp him..he gives me this look and acts like he is miserable because I won’t let him continue to eat..sometimes he even lets out a little shriek just to be a little dramatic (he’s precious)! Even though he is doing all of these sweet & fun things, my favorite thing I love seeing Ralph do is light up when he hears or sees his sweet dad. It has been so fun (and really interesting) to see how much Ralph has changed since day one to now.

I cannot believe that our sweet baby Ralph is already 6 weeks old. I have not a clue where the time has gone (cliche phrase I know). The last 6 weeks with Ralph have been pure bliss. We have learned so much and are not taking anything or moment for granted.

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