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Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021. WOW. I still think I am recovering from *all* of the activities! This was the first year where we had multiple costume changes (parties, school parade, actual halloween) and it was SO much fun. While Vivienne is still too young to really understand what was going on, you could really tell how excited she was. Ralph on the other hand has been COUNTING DOWN the days until he got to go Trick or Treating.

Currently he is counting down until 2022 Halloween…hopefully we will be recovered by then! xx

Vivienne’s First Fiesta

You guys! I cannot believe that it has been 6 weeks since we hosted Vivienne’s First Fiesta at our home. First off, where on earth has the time gone? How do we have a one year old already! I have to say, it was such a blessing to be able to celebrate our last baby with everyone that we love (and loves our babies). Every time I look at photos from Vivienne’s First Fiesta I am reminded of how grateful we are to have the most amazing support system.

Since this was our “last first birthday” that we will ever throw, I wanted to make it extra memorable, so last March I reached out to Molly from Pop Parties (she planned my baby sisters wedding a few years ago, click here to see the photos). Molly was a dream to work with for Margarets wedding, so I knew that she would be the perfect person to plan Vivienne’s First Fiesta! I also need to add that I love the way Molly works. She is efficient, kind, creative and from start to finish makes the entire process to seamless (and enjoyable).

Molly and I had a meeting end of March at our home (where the party was going to be) and we chatted details and about a month later I received a concept document with all the colors, inspiration/etc for the party. From there Molly handled the rest. She pulled together the vendors and the rest was history!

I truly cannot say enough good things about every single person that Molly recommended for the party (no, this was not sponsored btw). Everyone was local to Dallas and the *best* of the best to work with. I loved working with Molly on this party and we are already scheming about the next party we get to throw!

Vivienne’s First Fiesta Vendors

-Event Planner: Pop Parties

-Invitations/Event Branding/Party Goods: Katherine Jezek Design

-Florals: David Kimmel Design

-Balloons: EZ Party Time

-Event Rentals: Shag

-Catering: Stir

-Cookies: Highland Park Pie Lady

-Vivienne’s “One” banner + hat: The Upstairs Monograms

-Cake: Cade’s Cakes

-Vivienne’s Dress: Emilia Collection

-Bounce House: The Dallas Party

images by beckley