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If there is one thing that I could live in (besides dresses) it would be my workout clothes. They are comfortable, forgiving and also they don’t have to look horrible but actually really cute. As of late I have found myself purchasing more work out clothes. I blame it on the combination of spin classes and working full time home.

Having grown up wearing a school uniform every single day for 12 years I found that as much as I hated wearing the uniform, I look back and realize how genius they really were. It’s that go to outfit that you don’t have to think about whatsoever. You just throw it on.  Since I don’t wake up everyday to put on my plaid skirt, I have opted for my adult uniform, workout clothes! It’s the easiest way to look semi-put together and feel like you are halfway to the gym (let’s be honest it’s kind of motivating). Sometimes I don’t even put on make up when wearing my workout clothes around the house, so when I have to leave in a hurry I just throw on a favorite pair of sunglasses, grab a purse and head out the door. Ah, workout clothes…they really are the best. Not sure I will ever get sick of wearing them!

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photos by Megan Mueller Weaver

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