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nardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamnardos imamFor months I have been working on a really fun project with one of my favorite Dallas based designers, Nardos Imam. Now if you don’t know about Nardos Imam, let me catch you up really quick. Nardos is one of the best couture designers in Dallas. Designing everything from the most beautiful wedding gowns you have ever seen, to gowns that are literally jaw droppers; Nardos Imam can do it all.

Over the last few years, I have watched brides and their mothers walk down the aisle in their custom one of a kind Nardos Imam gowns and since I have been married for four years now, I am not exactly in the market for a wedding gown. Even though I am not in need of a wedding gown, I wanted to figure out a way to work with Nardos. Come to find out, not only is she the premier wedding gown designer but she also designs custom evening gowns. (insert hand clap emoji).

Knowing at the beginning of the year that we were going to be in Spain for a formal wedding, I knew I needed a gown. While I did shop around to try and find a long evening gown that I really liked, I never found one that I was just over the moon about. While sipping coffee with a friend one afternoon and chatting about the struggle to find a perfect evening gown, she told me that I should reach out to Nardos. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. How had I not thought of this earlier? I went home right after coffee and immedielty e-mailed Nardos. Thanks to her amazing in house stylist, DeLayna we set the first appointment.

During our first appointment we all discussed the event that I was attending, my favorite colors, silhouettes and then we played dress up. Yes, dress up. After trying on quite a few gowns and then watching Nardos magically sketch the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, we all hugged and said we would meet next week once fabric had been sourced. Fast forward a few days and the fabric samples were in. We went through quite a few before deciding on the one. Trust me when I say it is so lovely (if you pay attention to the photos you can probably guess which one it is).

After finalizing the silhouette the gown, the muslin fitting and then a few fittings later; Nardos and DeLayna packed up my one of a kind gown and the following day we left for Spain. Now it is 2 days until I actually get to wear the gown for the first time and I cannot tell you how excited I am to wear this dress. Not only is it the prettiest thing I have ever seen; but what I treasure most about the gown is that not only did I get to have input on what it looked like but I also loved seeing the entire process from beginning to end. Nardos Imam is beyond talented and I cannot wait to work with her on another project! Now I just need to find somewhere else to go!

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