Day Dress

day dressday dressday dressday dressday dressday dressday dressday dresstwelfth street by cynthia vincent dress (old)//marc jacobs clutch//dkny tights//gucci shoes//cartier watch//kevin aucoin lipstick

One thing that I began collecting when I graduated from college were day dresses. A day dress is that dress that can be worn during the day without looking too over dressed yet still appropriate enough to wear to just about every event or party that is held between 10-2.

Between wedding showers, luncheons, day time events and now baby showers I cannot get my hands on enough of these dresses. To me, the perfect day dress is that little lady like number that you can wear year round (tights optional) but also your grandmother smiles when you walk in the room because it’s just ‘darling’. Do you collect day time dresses?

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photos by Lynsey Eaton

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