My Current Work Out Routine

Amy Havins shares her current work out schedule.

For me, working out is a love – hate relationship. I use this phrase because I feel like just about everyone can relate. You hate going but once you are there and especially after you complete the work out, it makes it more than worth it.

Over the years I have tried just about everything and after much trial and error, I have learned that not every work out is for everyone and you really just have to find what works best for you. You may remember this post that I did last year. At that point in time I was 4 1/2 months into spinning at Terlingo Cycle and I was loving it. I was loving the way I felt and the sense of community at Terlingo Cyle.

A year and a half later, I still love spinning at Terlingo Cycle just as much as the first day I walked in. For the first 9 months I was spinning so much because I loved it THAT MUCH, my quads and knees were really taking a beating. Besides relying on my chiropractor and a massage therapist to help with the pain, I had to find something else to incorporate into my weekly work out routine that created more balance.

5 months ago I decided to add heated yoga into my routine. While I am still the worst one in just about every class (serious #MOMGoals attend every class), I will say the balance of heated yoga and spin has been one of the best combinations for my personal work out routine. I feel feel better (physically and mentally), and I also feel like my body has gotten more toned in places that have not been toned in a long time.

More than a handful of you all have e-mailed, snapped, commented and dm’d me about what a weekly work out schedule looks like for me, so I wanted to share.

My Current Work Out Schedule (at least what I try to do)

  • Monday: heated yoga
  • Tuesday: spin
  • Wednesday: day off
  • Thursday: spin
  • Friday: heated yoga
  • Saturday: double spin
  • Sunday: day off

Yes, I do try and stick to a bit of a schedule but if I don’t make it or just flat out skip, I don’t beat myself up. I mean I feel like that’s how it should be? You have to live your life!

If you all have anymore questions/comments or want to share your current work out routine please do! As much as I do like the stick to my routine, it is always fun to hear/try what you all are doing. Can’t wait to hear. Oh, and thanks for letting me be a little more casual today with this post — I wanted to mix it up a bit. xx


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