UGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaUGG AustraliaWorking from home full time has it’s pros and cons. Yes, I don’t have to fight traffic in the mornings to get to work but I also miss out on all of the fun office activities that everyone always seems to get to do. While some days I barely have time to look up from my desk, let’s be honest, not all days are like that so I do have a little extra time to take care of things around the house.

Funny enough when I first started working from home one of the most challenging things was making myself get dressed in the mornings. It was just so much easier to throw on a robe and start the day. Needless to say that habit changed many a years ago and I have always made it a point in the morning to get dressed, regardless of what the day had in store. Although I am not putting on a dress (at least not to work around the house), I always opt for my uniform of jeans, a blouse and my UGG boots.

Out of all the things that I routinely wear, I have to say my UGG boots are my all time favorite. Not only are they the most comfortable things to wear around the house, they are the perfect casual shoe to wear when I have to head out of the house during the day. I love that a shoe that I have worn for over 10 years is still my go-to and also so cute!

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