Beach Cover Up

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I’m backkkk. After spending last week in Miami on a girls trip with two of my favorites, Lynsey & Katie, I am not only super rested but also have a little bit of a tan. If you follow me on Instagram you pretty much know what our week consisted of…tanning, laying by the pool & beach, eating, and relaxing. Normal girls trip things. Let me just tell you though this little get away is for sure one for the books. Ah-mazing.

If you’re like me every time you go on a trip you over pack. I mean wayyyy over pack. Embarrassingly enough I could have probably dressed at least 3 friends every night for dinner. Although I was overly prepared for dinner & night time activities I was really lacking on the day time cover up situation. Yes, I brought a couple but you know when you have just one favorite that you like so much you want to wear it everyday? Well that is exactly what happened with with this Shoshanna beach cover up. The moment I saw it I knew it would be the perfect addition (or start) to my beach cover up obsession. I loved the navy color, the embroidery and the halter. It really was just fun to wear because it just flowed! I am headed on another beach trip in a few weeks so I am on the hunt again for a few more to add to my growing collection. If you have any favorites let me know!

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photos by Lynsey Eaton

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