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When I was younger besides my birthday, Valentines Day was my favorite day of school. With the help of my mother I would decorate a shoe box with the most perfectly coordinated Valentines designs and write all of my cards for my friends. I loved exchanging cards with friends and then later on (after I got home) counting how many I had gotten. My dad would always get my sisters mother and I each a dozen red roses and a BIG box of chocolate. Best. Day. Ever.

As I have gotten older my love for the day hasn’t changed one bit and if anything I have gotten cheesier. I love filling our candy jar with Valentine’s candy, writing silly notes to my husband with sweetheart candy and of course going to pick him out the perfect card. Though my husband likes to constantly remind me that everyday is Valentine’s day for me, he won’t admit it but he is just as cheesy on this day as me.

Since we eat out 99% of the time (I don’t cook), we have opted for avoiding the crowds tonight and plan on sitting on the couch with take out, drinking wine (and blue moon, duh) while watching season 2 of House of Cards (it was released today on NetFlix). Perfect night in our eyes because it’s just the two of us and the puppies, which we love. How do you like to spend Valentine’s Day?

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photos by Molly Miller

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