20 things that make me happy

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Like most of you, I am generally a happy person. I have a pretty laid back attitude towards most things and majority of the time TRY to be as positive as possible. Quarantine has been somewhat of a challenge for me because although I am happy at home with my little family, it has also brought out some of my anxiety almost daily....


How to Cook Halibut Perfectly At Home

how to cook fish

Cooking has always been so intimidating for me, especially when making ‘fancier’ items in my own kitchen. Throughout this *extra* time at home I have been trying out new recipes and much to my surprise, have been quite successful.

One dish that I have always avoided making at home as been halibut. I am not the biggest fish person (I have always preferred a milder fish), but halibut has always been my go-to order at restaurants....


The BEST twice baked potato recipe

twice baked potato

Through the quarantine, we have been cooking a little more. I’ve been getting in the habit of throwing together some of my all time favorite sides. Growing up my mom used to make twice baked potatoes ALL the time. It has and will always be one of my favorite sides. The best part about a twice baked potato?...