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March Q & A

march q&a

After having such a positive response to my February Q & A (you can read it here), I wanted to make sure to continue this monthly series in order to let you all get to know me a little better. It is funny to think about but you all really only get to see about 30-60 seconds out of a 24 hour period....


What Products I keep In our Shower


Last week I was doing an Instagram Live and one of the questions that I got asked was ‘what products do we keep in our shower’. While some might think that would be a strange question, I think it is a GREAT question because I too wonder what products people keep in their showers.

Since I like to mix up my products I keep certain products (pictured above) in my shower and then others under my sink....


Is the Dyson Hair Dryer worth the money???

dyson hair dryer

Is the Dyson hair dryer worth the money??? This is something I asked myself for years. Of course I knew Dyson makes quality products (I love our vacuum) but I wasn’t sure if spending $400 on a hair dryer made sense or would even be worth it.