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Lunch Date

polo ralph lauren

sweater // leggings // shoes // hermes bag (similar here & here)

The oversized sweater + legging combo is a personal favorite of mine. To be honest, I have found myself wearing some sort of this combination all fall and winter long.

It really is the EASIEST outfit to throw on. I’ve worn it to everything from a morning coffee to dinners....


The $69 Sweater you can’t Live without!

striped sweater

sweater // jeans // shoes

My husband actually laughed at me when I walked downstairs in this sweater. Actual laughter…not because he hated it but because he did not expect me to be in this much color! As someone who normally sticks to neutrals, this striped sweater is more ‘out there’ for me but not only did I love how colorful it was but the price tag of $69 made it veryyyy easy to purchase....


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite ‘silly’ holidays. I think it is such a sweet day to show those that you care about a little bit of love (cards, texts, cookies, flowers). While I don’t think that material items are always the way to go, I rounded up some of my favorite ideas in case you need some inspiration!...