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Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears a palm print skirt.

Happy weekend friends! I hope you all had the most wonderful week. I am not going to lie, I had such a good week. After coming off of the most wonderful holidays with Wade last week (we were in Cabo), I felt rested and ready to take on everything. From moving back into our kitchen (yay), to finalizing nursery details (oh em gee, it’s going to be adorable) and other house hold tasks; I think it’s safe to say I am in full nesting mode....


A Typical Day

One of the questions that I get asked all the time is ‘what does a typical day’ look like for you. Honestly, this is such a hard question to answer as every day is very different. One of the coolest things and the biggest blessing about being my own boss is creating your my schedule. Yes, in a perfect world I would sleep in everyday and lounge in my robe but if I were to actually do that, I would get nothing accomplished....


What I have done to Prepare for the baby so far

Amy Havins shares how she has prepared for baby so far.

Now that I am 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I am beginning to think about things that I need to do to prepare for little baby Havins to arrive in July and also wanted to share with you all the (very) few things that I have done to prepare thus far. As slow as this pregnancy has felt, I cannot believe that we are less than 4 months away from holding our sweet baby boy!