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Currently Obsessed: White Booties

White booties are something that I have had my eyes on for a couple of months now. I know they have been a thing for a minute but I really, really want to find the perfect pair to wear this fall/winter. This weekend I spent an embarrassing amount of hours searching the internet for the perfect white bootie and I am sure you can tell from the look book that I put together..there are A LOT of options....


My Baby Sisters Wedding

Amy Havins' little sister Margaret gets married.

I have been looking forward to sharing this post with you all since June 30th (the day of my baby sister Margaret & her (now) husbands wedding. My reasoning for being so excited to share with you all is because it was such a special and beautiful day. My little sister always looks gorgeous but on her wedding day she was STUNNING (as was her groom)....


14 Months with Ralph

14 months with ralph

14 months. 14 months! Oh my word. I promise you it seems like just yesterday I was so grateful to have made it through the first week. This baby boy has changed so much since my last update at 12 months (you can read it here). The biggest thing that has changed is that he now walks!!...