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Things I Wish I had Known Before I got Pregnant.

Amy Havins shares what she wished she would have known prior to pregnancy.

For years I have heard or asked friends what pregnancy was like. I was always so curious as to how they were feeling,what they were craving and always wondered if I would feel the same. I mean can you blame me for being so curious as to what to expect while you are expecting? To be completely honest, before I got pregnant, the idea of it actually happening was kind of scary to me....


Adult Coloring Book

Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe cozies up with her adult coloring book to destress.

robe // coloring book // colored pencils // polish // watch

After coming off a whirl-wind of a holiday season I have learned 2 things. One: patience is a virtue; two: adult coloring books are my new best friend. You are probably wondering what on earth is an adult coloring book. Well, it literally is a coloring book for adults. ...