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Best Summer Sandals

Dallas blogger, Amy havins, shares the best summer sandals.

Who else cannot believe that it is almost June 1st? I mean where on earth has the year gone! With summer now on my mind (it’s June people), one of my favorite topics, shoes, is now at the top of my never ending shopping list.

While I do love nothing more than a great sneaker, one of my favorite styles for summer is


Top 20 White Shoes For Summer

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I can remember when I was little my mother used to wear white shoes all the time. She had pumps, sandals, slides and everything in between and I am not going to lie….I was not a fan. Fast forward many, many years and now I understand why my mother was such a fan of white shoes back in the day…because they literally went with everything!...


Summer’s Best Espadrilles

While we all wish that we could spend the next few months barefoot on the beach (maybe thats just me), let’s be real…that’s not happening. Since that won’t be happening (at least to me), I have been searching for the perfect summer espadrilles.

Besides the summer sandal, I think that the espadrille is the perfect summer shoe....