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Suede Boots

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I am normally not the person who grabs a pair of cowboy boots without a unique occasion but over the holidays I added this pair of suede cowboy boots to my shoe collection and I never thought I would say this but I am obsessed....


Color Blocked Skirt

Amy Havins wears a tory burch color clocked skirt and over the knee boots.

If I had to pick one trend to wear every single day, I would have to say it would be color blocking. I have always been a fan of color blocking because I love not only how bold it is but also how it is so versatile. By versatile I mean that by adding just one color blocked piece to your wardrobe you really have endless ways to wear the garment.

For example, this


Navy Floral Print Dress

Amy havins wears a navy and white floral print shoshanna long sleeve dress with over the knee boots.

This navy and white Shoshanna long sleeve dress is a new addition to my closet. I actually got it last week and have been DYING to wear it. I love this dress for more than the obvious reason that it is blue.

There is something so great about having a long sleeve dress. For me, a long sleeve dress is such a great transitional dress to have. You are able to wear it during the chillier months with over the knee boots and tights and heels but when spring rolls around you can go bare