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What I wore in Miami

amy's wardrobe in miami

Last week Wade and I (along with some of our best friends) zipped over to Miami for a child free few days. Miami has always been a favorite place for Wade and I to visit and we take every opportunity we can to go (Ralph has even been with us once). Normally I don’t do a ’round up’ of everything I wore but as I was on the flight home on Saturday, I was going through my instagram DM’s and I got a large amount of requests for outfit links....





The Gift of Giving

Amy havins wears ralph Lauren.

on amy: jeans c/o // cream sweater c/o // boots c/o // black sweater c/o // on ralph: pullover c/o // shoes c/o // polar bear sweater c/o // jeans c/o // on wade: tee shirt c/o // sweater c/o // jeans c/o

When it comes to shopping for holiday gifts, everyone has someone that is at the top of their list....