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The Gift of Giving

Amy havins wears ralph Lauren.

on amy: jeans c/o // cream sweater c/o // boots c/o // black sweater c/o // on ralph: pullover c/o // shoes c/o // polar bear sweater c/o // jeans c/o // on wade: tee shirt c/o // sweater c/o // jeans c/o

When it comes to shopping for holiday gifts, everyone has someone that is at the top of their list....


The Ultimate Gift Guide

Amy havins shares her gift guide.

Shopping for everyone on your list during the holidays can be quite overwhelming. You don’t really know where to start or even narrow it down based upon interests. To be honest, I am having the hardest time deciding what we are going to get everyone this year. I partially blame it on getting older because everyone seems to be getting harder and harder to buy for....