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Happy Weekend

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Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week. No complaints here. After being out of town for a little bit we got back to the states the middle of this week. What. A. Trip. I cannot wait to fill you all in on every little detail!

From the time we touched down in Dallas to pretty much right now I feel like I have been just grinding through e-mails and trying to get back in the routine!...


Elle Sasson

Although this is probably obvious, but one of my favorite things to do is shop. I love wandering through the stores, touching the clothes in person, seeing how the store merchandises their clothing, digging through the sales and of course discovering the new clothing lines.

While shopping at Neiman’s a while back I came across a new (for me) clothing line, Elle Sasson....


Last Week in Instagram

Last Week in Instagram

starting from the top left:

excited to announce that I am the new fashion contributor for Grand Luxe Magazine, my <weekend uniform> read the full post here, me + my sweet husband last weekend, a little #tbt [throw back thursday] photo of me and my precious middle sister, fulfilling a little teddy grahams craving I had last week, the beautiful jennifer lawrence at the oscars

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