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Getting Cozy for the Holidays


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The holiday season can sometimes be overwhelming because it is so busy. The majority of the time the traffic is bad, the malls are crowded and it just seems that everyone is out and about!

Over the years I have learned two things about myself. When shopping I like to do it in the comfort of my home, while wearing something comfortable (like this green set from Lett)....


My Current Favorite Pajamas

Lately, my wardrobe has consisted of pajamas (for obvious reasons). Since Ralph’s arrival loungewear and cozy clothing have been my outfits of choice because not only is it super comfortable to wear around the house but snuggles have been our big activities of choice and wearing soft pajamas to love on sweet Ralph is just the best....


Adult Coloring Book

Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe cozies up with her adult coloring book to destress.

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After coming off a whirl-wind of a holiday season I have learned 2 things. One: patience is a virtue; two: adult coloring books are my new best friend. You are probably wondering what on earth is an adult coloring book. Well, it literally is a coloring book for adults. ...