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How to Cook Halibut Perfectly At Home

how to cook fish

Cooking has always been so intimidating for me, especially when making ‘fancier’ items in my own kitchen. Throughout this *extra* time at home I have been trying out new recipes and much to my surprise, have been quite successful.

One dish that I have always avoided making at home as been halibut. I am not the biggest fish person (I have always preferred a milder fish), but halibut has always been my go-to order at restaurants....


The Best Mexican Potato recipe

mexican potato

Being at home has really made me try new things in the kitchen. A few weeks ago, I meal planned and made a big grocery store run (since I’m pregnant, I want to avoid being in public as much as I can).  I have ground beef to make everything from tacos, meat sauce for spaghetti and of course burgers!...