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Reasons to Celebrate this Spring

Dallas Blogger, Amy Havins , shares a spring recipe with the new Viniq Glow.

Amongst my friends, I am known as someone who loves to celebrate everything. From the smallest of things to the biggest of the big, I always take any excuse to get together and celebrate with my girlfriends.

From a new season (hello spring!), to finishing up phase 1 of our house renovations, to a sweet friend going back to school for her masters, this month I found a ton of reasons to celebrate!...


Movie Mind Eraser

Amy Havins shares a movie night cocktail recipe with Kahlua.

One thing that I have always loved to do is host friends at our home. We love having people over for dinners, happy hours, game nights and even movie nights. Since lately my schedule has been a bit wild I thought it would be really fun to host my bestie for a girls night in movie night....


Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is one of my all-time favorite cocktails. I love the lime/tart taste, it kind of reminds me of those lime popsicles that I used to get growing up at the school cafeteria but the more ‘adult’ version.

Lately, the husband and I have been getting a little creative at home with cocktails. I mean who says you can’t take your favorite restaurants cocktail menu and at least try to re-create it at home?...