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Happy March! You have no idea how good the sound of this month sounds. Even though Dallas is still very chilly (we had snow all last week), the fact that it is now March means that I am even more ready to start wearing spring clothes. I feel like I always get to a point and just start wearing them regardless of the temperatures....


Giving Thanks

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Post marriage Thanksgivings have always a little bittersweet for me. As you know when you get married you not only join lives with another person but also their families which then translates into figuring out where to go/what side to spend the holidays with. Since the beginning the husband and I have done the every other holiday bit....



paper crown sweatertuckernuck//topshop quilted skirt//commando tights//ysl fan wedges//ray-ban sunnies//moyna clutch//cartier watch

Black skirts are a dime a dozen. A black skirt with quilted stitching? Um, yes please. While shopping through the new Topshop section at Nordstrom the other week I came across this quilted skirt and I knew it was coming home with me....