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Shaveworks Pearl Polish

Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe shares her new favorite shave oil.

I have said it before on the blog but I will say it over and over again. I am a creature of habit. Once I find something that I like to use, do or wear I tend to be a life long fan. One of the products that I will say that I have never steered away from is my classic Skintimate shave cream. ...


Hello Cheekbones

It’s no secret that contouring is the best way to expertly play up facial features. Ironically enough, it’s the one thing that I have never really mastered when it comes to my make up routine. To me, contouring has always seemed like this very overwhelming and scary beauty process that I have just avoided. I am not sure if I have avoided it because of the fear or looking like a clown or that I was just too lazy to teach myself....