Ralph’s Valentine’s

ralphs valentine'sToday Ralph has his very first ‘school’ Valentine’s Day party. Him and the other 7 students in the class do a craft (ice sugar cookies), have a snack (fruit) and get to have a book read to them by one of the moms (major!).

Regardless if he knows what is going on (no way he does), I still wanted to send him to school with cute little goodies for his friends and something for his teachers!

I found these stickers on Etsy (the best place to get this kind of stuff if you are like me and don’t want to do it) ordered these little baggies with ties and filled them with M&M’s. This was honestly super easy and a cute (and different) valentine that Ralph good give to his friends.

I love the way these little baggies turned out and I have a feeling I will be ordering more stickers (you can make them say anything) for party favors or other little fun things!

I wanted Ralph to bring his teachers a little something fun, so I ordered these cookies from my favorite (@HighlandParkPieLady) cookie maker in Dallas and she even boxed them, included a gift card and put a bow on it! I know Ralph’s teachers will love having a fun dinner with their families and enjoying a cookie!!

Did your kids exchange valentines this year??? Would love to hear what you did for them!!

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