Men’s Spring Suiting

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I know I tend to talk so much about women’s fashion on this blog so I thought it would be fun (and different) to mix it up a little bit and do a post that was geared towards the guys. Being married to someone who enjoys clothing and frequents our tailor more than me, I get my fair share of men’s fashion at home. To be totally honest, I have learned more than I thought I ever would from my husband because you guys, he is a GOOD dresser and knows his stuff.

Like me, with every new season my husband likes updating a few pieces in his closet. One thing that he has always really been obsessed with his is suiting situation. While he doesn’t wear a suit on the regular, he loves buying them. We often have things to go to that he needs to wear a full suit or he will just wear the jacket.

One of his favorite places to shop when he is in need (or wants) a new suit or sport coat is Nordstrom. Season after season, Nordstrom always has the best selection and carry such a nice variety of brands. I’m sure after he reads this post we will be making a Nordstrom run because he was looking over my shoulder as I was pulling the images and he approved…

Shop My Favorite Men’s Spring Suits

This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own! 

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