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How to get motivated to work out & My Current routine

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New Year, new you? How tired are you of hearing that phrase? For me, getting motivated to work out is not always the easiest. There is always something ‘more fun’ to do and there will forever be an excuse to skip but I promise once I get to the class or the workout of my choice, I am SO glad I did not skip!...


My Current Work Out Routine

Amy Havins shares her current work out schedule.

For me, working out is a love – hate relationship. I use this phrase because I feel like just about everyone can relate. You hate going but once you are there and especially after you complete the work out, it makes it more than worth it.
Over the years I have tried just about everything and after much trial and error, I have learned that not every work out is for everyone and you really just have to find what works best for you. You may remember this post that I did last year.