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Feels like Fall

Amy Havins wears ripped jeans, a camel sweater and chanel heels.

sweater // jeans // chanel shoes (less expensive version here) // sunnies // purse

After a somewhat warm Saturday afternoon, late Saturday night we were outside enjoying the backyard with friends and we literally felt the cool front come in. We enjoyed it for about 3 minutes and then it started to down pour....


Casual Weekday Style

Amy Havins wears ripped jeans and a blue and white button down.

In the past I have shared a few different looks on what to wear to work (you can see them here and here) and after scrolling through some of my past content I realized that I had never really covered ‘casual weekday style’. As someone who works from home, weekday style is kind of my thing. Yes, somedays at home it consists of work out clothes and others it’s my go-to wardrobe combo of skinny jeans and a button down.


The Hardest Things About My Pregnancy So Far

Amy havins wears ripped jeans and sandals.

Now that I am over half way done with my pregnancy (currently 21 weeks, 1 day), I wanted to get a little more real about how this process has been for me.

While I have had a DREAM pregnancy compared to my friends, there are still things that have been really hard for me. No, I have not had any morning sickness, I have been able to work out regularly, I am still wearing my low rise jeans (no more high rise) and I have not had any