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Pretty in Pink

To me, nothing screams spring more than something pink. from dresses to blouses I cannot get enough of this color!

Pink is the perfect shade to wear to everything from a wedding/baby shower to a wedding. It’s the subtle shade that compliments all skin tones and is so lovely to wear this time of year.

Although I cannot wear all of these shapes/silhouettes this spring season, I still like to shop my favorites and of course share them with you all....


Think Pink

With Valentine’s Day just one week from today (yayyyy), I have been in a pink mood. I have been incorporating pops of one of my favorites colors into my everyday wardrobe. While a few of these items will not be weather appropriate for at least another 2 months, it’s still fun to start looking ahead to spring.


Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares an image of her favorite flower, pink peonies.

image via

Happy weekend! I am so excited that today is Friday because not only has this week been quite hectic but we have lots of fun plans for the weekend!

Ok, I’ll start with the last week. The last week has really been crazy. As we are wrapping up phase one of our home renovations, it seem like everyone is wanting to finish up at once....