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My Chic Nest

We have been working on our house for what seems like forever now. While it has only been 9 months, for some reason it really seems much longer. We have ALMOST finished phase one which was converting the back house into a garage, fencing in the back, laying concrete, landscaping the front, gutting the master bathroom, re-doing the downstairs powder bathroom and of course decorating and furnishing the house. We still lack little things like drapes, a piece of art for above the fireplace in the formal living room, a lamp here and there but nothing too big well, besides the kitchen.

Currently we are trying to get all of the punch list items completed by our current contractor and CLOSE that door with him so we can move onto conquering the kitchen. Honestly, I am so thankful that we did not do all three


Gray Malin’s New Bora Bora Series & Other Favorites at Home

Amy Havins shares Gray Malin pieces around her house.

I cannot believe that we have lived in our house for almost 9 months. Although we love the  progress that has been made with our home, starting from scratch with furniture and undergoing big renovations has been quite the project. Stress aside, the time it has actually taken is much longer than I would have ever thought (we haven’t gotten to the kitchen yet) but it has been worth every minute because we are loving the way the house is coming together....