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6 Months with Ralph

6 months with Ralph

I cannot even believe that today my sweet little baby is half a year old. It blows my mind that in just a few months I will more than likely start thinking about his first birthday party! My how time flies. Since my last update Ralph has changed A LOT (you can read my 5 month update here)....


3 Months With Ralph

Amy havins shares an update on life with a new baby.

Although this post is titled ‘3 months with Ralph’, I feel like I really should have called it ‘life with a new baby’. Today marks exactly 3 months with baby Ralph and 1 month since my last baby update (you can read my 2 month update here). After posting a two month update I was not sure that I would ever post another again because I got more than a handful of negative e-mails and comments after people read my post....