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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites



Wade’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

Amy and Wade Havins wear an outfit from Express for a night out.

I hope you are not tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you are, I promise this is my last post regarding the sale. If you are not, then you are in luck because for my last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post, I decided to let Wade pick some things that caught his eye. I figure what better way to round up the best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks for men than to have


Early Access

Hip, hip hooray. Today marks the beginning of the sale of all sales…well, almost. Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today (July 9th) and opens to the public/non Nordstrom card holders on July 17th.

Ok, so I just threw some major information at you, now I will back it up and fill you in a bit....