Tim Walker

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Though I am a little late to the game in discovering Tim Walker’s photographs I am his newest fan. While browsing Pinterest the other day I found myself pinning these whimsical fashion images over and over again. After doing a little more research I figured out they they all were taken by the oh-so-famous Tim Walker.

Known for his ability to tell a story through photographs for almost a decade & gracing the pages of Vogue from month to month (his images have been featured more than any other photographer) Tim Walker is now one I will be following. The reason I was so intrigued by his work was because it is so different from a normal editorial shoot. There is so much going on in each photo and it is almost like you are in a freaky Alice & Wonderland world and I cannot get enough. Last night I spent hours scrolling through his site and admiring all of the stories he has told through photography. I will say that is the one of the beauties of outlets like Pinterest, discovering and learning about talents such as Mr. Walker that you may not get a chance to learn about elsewhere! Who are your favorite photographers?

images via Tim Walker Photography

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