Red Lipstick

red lipstick

Sometimes it is really good to get out of your comfort zone. This could mean trying a new restaurant, a new work out, new fashion trend or something as simple as a new lipstick. Growing up during a time when gloss ruled and the only person I knew who wore lipstick was my grandmother you can see why I was not really into it. When I got to college I had one friend, yes ONE friend who swore by lipstick. She would be the girl if she were stranded on an island all she would need was her lipstick & her brush, so ahead of her time I know.

As I have gotten older I have finally wanted to try what my bestie & grandmother have been raving about for all of these years so I finally went for it with lipstick. Though I still wear lipgloss if I am really ‘getting dressed’ (you know what I mean) I am sure to pick out the perfect shade to compliment my look. Some nights call for something more natural but if I am having that night where I want a little vavavoom I ALWAYS go for the red lipstick. Red is a shade that puts off a playful yet confident vibe and really makes you feel bold & empowered.  It is that shade that you can put on and just feel like super woman. I know this may sound crazy but every time I wear it I just feel different (in a good way) and plus who doesn’t love a lady in red?

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