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Happy weekend! Hoorayyyyy, Dallas is finally staring to warm up. Last week we had a snow storm and yesterday (Thursday) it was almost 70 degrees! Such a nice change. Well this week really flew by. Shocking I know. Since I didn’t really update you guys on what all we did and where we ate and drank in Washington D.C. last weekend I figured I would include that in this post!

Ok, so you may or may not know that last weekend the husband and our besties Kristin & Jack headed to Washington D.C. for a weekend of fun. I haven’t been to Washington D.C. since I was about 14 and the husband had never been so this was such a fun getaway for us! We took the late flight out on Thursday and landed in Washington D.C. to see a snow filled city. I honestly can’t even believe we got a flight out because they were canceling them left and right!

Friday we hit the ground running. Up early for morning coffee & then we headed to The White House for a tour. It’s always fun to see inside The White House but oddly enough the best part of the ‘tour’ is when you exit. When you exit you are literally on the front lawn standing on the driveway. Really cool in my opinion. After playing with Snapchat & taking a million pictures we headed to Ted’s Bulletin for a yummy brunch. I would be lying if I said this menu wasn’t a bit overwhelming but you guys it was so good. Adult milkshakes, homemade pop tarts..should I even continue?

Post lunch at Ted’s Bulletin we headed to the Senate building to meet a friend so he could give us a private tour of the Capitol! After taking the underground train (yes this really exists) from the Senate building to The Capitol we spent some time looking at the art, the different rooms and really just admiring this exquisite building. When The Capitol started to close down, we jumped back on the underground train (it takes 45 seconds) and went back to the Senate. Post Senate (umm the Kennedy Caucus room incredible) we all headed to Johnny’s Half Shell for pre-dinner drinks. We spent a bit of time at Johnny’s (there happy hour is great) and then headed to Le Diplomate for dinner.

Dinner was excellent (if you are in Dallas think Toulouse type of restaurant) but the atmosphere was even better. Friday night was a semi-early night because we had big plans for Saturday. Saturday morning we woke up and grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to Arlington Cemetery. If you have never been to Arlington you HAVE to go. It is so beautiful and the changing of the guard ceremony is so special. We spent a long time at Arlington Cemetery and then headed to Georgetown. In Georgetown we went to J.Paul’s for drinks and a snack. Their oysters are great but they are known for their burgers and I know why. They are so stinking good.

In Georgetown we shopped, enjoyed seeing the pretty (and colorful) houses and then headed home to get ready for dinner. HOLY DINNER. Oh my gosh. You guys, we went to the Red Hen and it was honestly one the better meals I have had in a while. SO good. After eating way too much at Red Hen we went to the Capella Hotel for after dinner drinks. The main bar in the hotel is gorgeous but we ended up sitting in the Library which was a bit more private so we were all able to chit chat. We did take a peek upstairs because we had heard that their rooftop bar when the weather is warm is one of the best in the city. We had heard right because not only does it have a great pool it overlooks the whole city and has the most perfect view of the Washington Monument.

Sunday came very quickly, we only had time for one meal before hopping on our flight home so we opted for Slate. They had great omelettes and the boys got burgers and they were yummyyyyyy. Well, that was Washington D.C. in a nutshell. Such a great city & we can’t wait to go back! I hope you all have a great weekend!! Anything exciting on your agenda? Dallas will be a zoo because of the St. Patricks Day parade. Oy, for sure avoiding that! xx

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