What is a good gift to get your baby shower hosts?

Amy havins shares her favorite pajamas. In the middle of May, 5 of my best friends threw me the most beautiful baby shower (you can see the photos here). It was such a special afternoon spent with close friends & family celebrating Ralph’s upcoming arrival.

Since my friends were throwing this for me, I knew that I needed to get them hostess gifts. For me, figuring out gifts to get 5 girls can be kind of tricky…especially since we are all at different stages! I racked my brain for about 4 days trying to figure out the perfect gift to get everyone and one night while I was laying in bed (in my pajamas), it clicked! I would get them each one of my favorite sleep shirts. Not only are these my favorite things to sleep in, they are something that I knew each of the girls would really enjoy (a couple just had babies, one is pregnant, one is in grad school and the other works from home). In order to make them more personal, I had each of their monograms put above the pocket.

I will say, these gifts were such a hit and I know the girls have enjoyed having them to wear around their houses. As much fun as it is to get a nice bottle of wine, or personalized cocktail napkins; sometimes it is fun to get something that you might not buy for yourself but you really would use! These navy and white sleep shirts were such a great gift to give my baby shower hosts!

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