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tory burch

Navy or Nothing

Have you seen the new Tory Sport collection? If not, I highly recommend taking a look because it is adorable. I have worn Tory Sport since the first introduced the athletic line and it’s one of my favorites to work out in. The fabric is so comfortable and the designs are so unique yet classic.

To celebrate the launch of the new Tory Sport collection, Tory Sport hosted a work out class at Barry’s Boot Camp in Dallas. It was a fun work out class filled with LOTS of different Tory Sport outfits. For the class, I picked these leggings, this sports bra and this vest. Kind of obsessed with the entire outfit but the vest is hands down my favorite work out item I have added to my closet in a long time. SO cute.

Want to check out the new Tory Sport for yourself? Click here.

laundry cart

Laundry Cart

Last month we moved into our new house and it has been so much fun thinking of ways to make everything easier and organized. One thing that has made laundry so much easier is this laundry cart. It’s so easy to just roll the cart to our room and to Ralph’s room (sometimes with Ralph in the cart) and collect dirty clothes! I highly recommend if you have the space to get this laundry cart, it’s the best!

hot roller clips

Where To get the Hot Roller Clips

I use hot rollers to do my hair. I have used hot rollers since I was 18 and they are literally life changing and save me so much time when I am getting ready. To read a step my step guide on how I do my hair with hot rollers click here.

Now, here is the tricky part with my roller situation. I use this set of hot rollers but unfortunately they do not come with the clips pictured above. The blue clips (that are amazing btw) came with a roller set that I started using in high school. No clue how I have held on to these clips for so long…I guess it really is a sign at how amazing they are.

Thanks so a sweet reader, I now know which set of hot rollers the clips pictured above come with!! The only thing that is kind of a bummer is that you have to buy this set of rollers to get the clips pictured above (they are black now) and you have to buy this set of hot rollers that are pictured above (they are the ones I use everyday).

In summary, to get my hair routine you have to buy this set of hot rollers (they are perfect for travel and everyday use) and buy this set of hot rollers to get the clips pictured above (remember, they are black now).

Happy hairstyling! xx