The Best Make Up Brushes

The Best makeup brushes.

Today I was cleaning my make up brushes for the first time in far too long and as I was cleaning them I realized that I had never shared what make up brushes I use.  I would not put myself in the beauty expert category but when it comes to brushes I can say with confidence that I have found the best make up brushes around....


The most dressed up I have been in 40 Days

casual style

equipment top (similar here) // vince shorts (similar here) // dior flats (similar here)

It sounds ridiculous even writing or admitting this but this is the most dressed up I have been in 40 days. Yes, you read that correctly. I have worn make up once (ONCE!) and this button down is as “dressy” as it has gotten around the house for me....


What We are Naming Baby Girl Havins

baby girl name

I am SO excited to share baby girls name with you all. I was actually planning on waiting a little bit longer to share but if you’re like me, you love knowing this kind of stuff so I figured why wait! Plus, it’s so fun for me to share because we are so excited to have another baby this September!...