My Evening Face Routine

nighttime moisturizing routine

The last few months I have gotten a lot of questions on my skincare routine. Like most things in general, it is forever evolving. I like often refer to my skincare routine as trial and error. Trust me when I say that I have had an ample amount of errors but the last few months, I have found products that truly are working for my skin....


The Best Golf Attire

Amy Havins wears Tory Sport Golf Attire.

If I have learned anything about golf over the years it is that there is no shortage of men’s golf attire. I mean if you were to look in just our closet alone, it would probably amaze you at the amount of options Wade has to play in. I am not a golfer but once in a blue moon, I will ride in the cart or just need a golf outfit (I know, random)....


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