Why I love Dallas

Jack Spade

I get a lot of questions about Dallas. Specifically, why I love Dallas so much and my short answer is “I just do” but today I thought I would go into a bit more detail about why I really love it as much as I do.

I feel like wherever you were born, you always have ties to that place. For me that is Dallas. Being born and raised in Dallas I have gotten to have all of the experiences here and watched first hand a city that I have always called home get bigger and bigger.


Everyday Essentails

Amy Havins shares her everyday essentials.


The Luncheon Dress

Amy Havins wears a white summer dress with blue jimmy choo heels.

Throughout my pregnancy one of my ‘most grabbed from’ sections of my closet has been my dress section. I didn’t realize how many flowy dresses I really had prior to my pregnancy but throughout the duration (especially when spring hit), I couldn’t help but add more dresses to my closet that I knew I would be able to wear during and post pregnancy.