Happy Weekend

Amy Havins wears fall plaid from Old Navy.

Happy weekend friends! Hooray for somewhat cooler temps in Dallas and today being Friday! As much as I love the week these days, weekends are my favorite. Minimal phone use and lots of lounging with baby Ralph.

This week was well…busy. I had more work that I wanted to handle (don’t worry I did), a few meetings, a fun girls dinner and lots of time with baby Ralph....


Guest Room A Reveal

Amy Havins shares the decor from a guest room in her house.

This post has been a long time coming. Like a LONG time. Funny enough we actually started this guest room before we even moved into our house (yes, that was almost two years ago). After we purchased our house, the first thing I did was buy this canopy bed for one of the guest rooms. For some reason I have ALWAYS loved canopy beds and I wanted to have one in a guest room!...


3 Months With Ralph

Amy havins shares an update on life with a new baby.

Although this post is titled ‘3 months with Ralph’, I feel like I really should have called it ‘life with a new baby’. Today marks exactly 3 months with baby Ralph and 1 month since my last baby update (you can read my 2 month update here). After posting a two month update I was not sure that I would ever post another again because I got more than a handful of negative e-mails and comments after people read my post....