Moscow Mule

moscule muleThe Moscow Mule is one of my all-time favorite cocktails. I love the lime/tart taste, it kind of reminds me of those lime popsicles that I used to get growing up at the school cafeteria but the more ‘adult’ version.

Lately, the husband and I have been getting a little creative at home with cocktails. I mean who says you can’t take your favorite restaurants cocktail menu and at least try to re-create it at home? You should really give it a try because although we have had many failed attempts (by we I mean me), we have gotten really good at some of my favorites.

Today, I wanted to share with you my one of my favorite drinks. Although it is beyond refreshing on a hot summer day, I enjoy it just as much when it is freezing outside. If you are feeling adventurous there is a Moscow Mule recipe below…if not, make sure to at least try one the next time you are out! Oh and I should mention these glasses make the at-home mules taste that much better.

Moscule Mule

In a Moscow mule glass (or a regular glass) with combine ice, about 2 ounces of Tito’s vodka, the juice of half of a lime and then top with the ginger beer (to your personal taste). If you want to make the drink look extra pretty garnish with a lime!

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5 Responses to Moscow Mule

  1. Mariana says:

    I love that cocktail! But I’m very sure it’s called a Moscow Mule! 🙂
    Here they do a variation called the Munich Mule, with cucumber instead of lime. The best one I had was at a bar where the girl had never made one before, so she used their homemade ginger lemonade instead of ginger beer. Delicious!

  2. Mary says:

    I believe the spelling is ‘Moscow’ mule … 🙂 A refreshing drink though …

  3. Elizabeth Williams says:

    The Moscow Mule is easy to make into a mocktail too.

  4. I work in a restaurant and a customer asked for a Moscow Mule and I had no idea what it was or what the ingredients are, now I know!! and it sound delisous, Definatly a cocktail I will have to try!!!

  5. Krystal says:

    Looks amazing! Will have to make them together sometime soon! xx

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