Blush Sweater

Amy Havins wears a blush sweater paired with skinny jeans and ballet flats.

A sweater, jeans and ballet flats has been my go-to uniform since December. I blame a bit of that on my pregnancy but to be really honest it’s a look I wear regardless if I am with child. I mean the combination is not only classic but it is really quite comfortable.

I snagged this cashmere sweater at Theory (on sale) in early December. Normally I gravitate towards more neutral colors when purchasing sweaters because they tend to go with more but this blush sweater was in the most lovely shade I could not resist.


Baby Havins Is A…

Amy Havins reveals the gender of their first baby.

One of the hardest changes I have had to make since I found out I was pregnant was decreasing my caffeine intake. For me, caffeine is my favorite (specifically coffee). Every morning Wade and I have a cup of coffee together, in the afternoons I always enjoy a little pick-me-up and in the evenings I love making a Wade’s Latte for dessert. Since you actually can have caffeine when you are pregnant, I opt for my normal cup of coffee in the morning with Wade, skip the afternoon cup and then enjoy a decaf Wade’s Latte in the evenings. Wade’s Latte’s have become quite a thing around our house so I thought it would be fun way to incorporate the way I told you guys that WE ARE HAVING A


My First Bumpdate!

Amy Havins wears a flower dress and a black coat.

Ever since we announced that we are expecting our first baby mid – July the questions have been pouring in. Everything from what are your cravings to do you know the gender? While these are all more than standard questions that you ask (I have personally asked them all), I wanted to attempt to answer some more obvious ones in today’s very first bumpdate blog post.