2020 Holiday Cards

holiday 2020 cards

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the most wonderful time of year. With as crazy as 2020 has been, we decided to began putting up our holiday decorations today (yes, I know it’s only November 9th). Our oldest, Ralph, is 3 1/2 and cannot stop talking about everything from Santa to Christmas trees, so I figured why not get ahead start at our house and make this holiday season last a few weeks longer....


Easy Roasted Carrot Recipe

roasted carrots

This may sound crazy if you are someone who is very into cooking but I have never made roasted carrots. On the rare occasion that I make carrots I usually end up boiling them and adding mustard, butter & brown sugar (it’s what my grandmother always does and they are delicious).

I was making roasted potatoes (this is my favorite recipe) and since I picked up some carrots this morning, I decided to mix it up and make some roasted carrots....


Easy At Home Enchilada Recipe

enchiladas recipe

If you are not familiar with the food blog, Food Life Love, you need to become familiar ASAP. Food Life Love is run by my friend Rachel and you guys I am not even kidding she makes the BEST recipes. Not only are they all delicious, she makes them so uncomplicated that even I am capable of making them in my own kitchen (that says a lot)....